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Hama "Extreme Protect" Mobile Phone Case MagCase f. Apple iPhone 15 Plus, transp


Full protection without compromise for surface, display and camera - for every extreme use, from sandboxes to skydiving. With the "Extreme Protect" mobile phone case, you and your iPhone 15 are prepared for every adventure.

Price on demand
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Perfectly safe: Extreme Protect MagCase phone case

Protecting high-quality devices such as iPhones from external influences, knocks and falls doesn't have to be a difficult task. With the "Extreme Protect" MagCase mobile phone case, you can reserve your personal bodyguard for your iPhone and at the same time enjoy a number of convenient benefits.

Apple iPhone 15 in mobile phone case MagCase "Extreme Protect" falls to the ground and remains unharmed

Extreme protection without any compromise

The "Extreme Protect" MagCase iPhone case is made from the unique D3O material and is therefore virtually indestructible. The most important advantage: there is no better protection for your iPhone. D3O achieves the thinnest and most advanced impact protection there is for a mobile phone case without any compromise in terms of the iPhone's use, operation or audio playback volume.

Crystal-clear outer skin. Fully scratch-resistant

The "Extreme Protect" MagCase mobile phone case not only guarantees shatter-proof and impact-resistant fall protection, but also has a particularly resilient surface finish thanks to the 4H degree of hardness. The danger of being scratched by other objects in trouser pockets, handbags and jacket pockets is therefore eliminated. The materials used also prevent yellow discolouration over time - so you can enjoy your impact-resistant mobile phone case for a long time and your smartphone remains a real eye-catcher.

Camera and display protector with a perfect fit

The mobile phone case with camera protector promises so much more too: the perfect design adapts beautifully to your iPhone and yet still leaves the most important access points, such as the speaker and charging socket, clear. The raised edges and all-round rim means you can put your iPhone down at any time without worrying since the camera and display are perfectly protected. The cover also covers the side buttons, which provides not only dust protection, but also a perfect pressure point.

Full grip with full charging

Thanks to the non-slip materials and ribs on the sides, the mobile phone case always sits firmly in your hand, while the impact-resistant corners ensure even greater protection in the event of knocks and falls thanks to the material reinforcement. This means that your mobile phone will sit securely on the table on one level with the side edge and camera protector. Strong case, problem-free wireless charging: the integrated, perfectly aligned magnetic ring allows wireless charging for the Apple iPhone and perfect auto-positioning on any wireless charger. The smartphone sleeve is compatible with all original Apple MagSafe and Hama MagLine products.

"Extreme Protect" Mobile Phone Case for Apple iPhone 15 Plus, transparent

Full protection without compromise for surface, display and camera - for every extreme use, from sandboxes to skydiving. With the "Extreme Protect" mobile phone case, you and your iPhone 15 are prepared for every adventure.

Price on demand


D3O - industry standard protection

High-end cover with D3O® licence: this bumper case guarantees shatterproof and shockproof drop protection - durable mobile phone protection in all situations

Scratch protection deluxe

Scratch-resistant with 4H hardness rating: tough, strong surface finish protects against scratches and abrasions from anything in your trouser pocket, handbag or jacket pocket

Anti-yellow tint

Transparent mobile phone case without yellowing: many years of enjoyment from your case as the special material composition prevents yellow discolouration

Compatible with Apple MagSafe and Hama MagLine

The smartphone sleeve is compatible with all original Apple MagSafe and Hama MagLine products

Magnetic ring for perfect wireless charging

Integrated, perfectly orientated magnetic ring allows wireless charging for Apple iPhone 15 Plus


Perfect auto-positioning, optimised for wireless chargers

Camera protection through raised edges

Simply lay it down carefree: the raised edges of the phone case provide protection for the protruding camera lenses without compromising the quality of the photos

Edge protection for the display

Additional protection for the mobile phone display: The mobile phone cover has a raised edge all around - so the touchscreen is better protected


Tailor-made mobile phone case: protects what needs to be protected and leaves free what should remain free, e.g. loudspeaker and charging socket

Protected side buttons

A clean sweep: The mobile phone cover also covers the side buttons - this protects against dust and enables a perfect pressure point

Anti-slip surface

Bumper with grip: with the anti-slip material and the ribbing on the sides, you always have a secure grip on the mobile phone case

  • Technical Specs
    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
    Colour Transparent
    Design or Motive No Design/Motif
    Line Extreme Protect
    Shade of colour Transparent
    Physical Properties
    Special Feature Anti yellowing/D3O Technology/Scratch protection
    Field of Application
    For End Device Brand Apple
    Smartphone Apple iPhone 15 Plus
    Suitable for Wireless charging
    Suitable for Smartphone
  • More product information
    • Unique mobile phone protection for the Apple iPhone 15 Plus: D3O-licensed mobile phone case is the bodyguard for your smartphone with impact protection, drop protection and scratch protection
    • Shock-resistant corners thanks to material reinforcement for even more safety in the event of bumps and falls
    • The highlight: the mobile phone with the cover lies flat on the table etc. with the small feet on the corners, creating a straight surface with the camera protection so the mobile phone does not wobble
    • Flexibility: easy to attach to your smartphone
    • Compatible with wireless charging
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 "Extreme Protect" MagCase mobile phone case


  • How resistant is the mobile phone case to yellowing?
    The mobile phone case proves its durability through strict yellowing tests by SGS and in accordance with ISO 4892-2:2013. The special material composition is designed to prevent yellowing and discolouration of the cover in daily use over the long term.
 In-house test and quality seal
, QC passed by Hama Germany