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Always up to date! We recognise the newest trends and rapidly add new products to our range of accessories. By always keeping a close eye on technical innovations, we are able to introduce the perfect accessories before you even get your hands on the particular terminal device. How do we get such accurate information in advance? That’s Hama’s little secret!


Our monitoring of the market pays off. The case of the Apple iPhone X is a perfect example of how we react quickly to develop innovative, outstanding accessories.

The iPhone X was introduced by Tim Cook on 12/09/2017.
Our accessories had already been created and/or ordered by June 2017.
This allowed us to deliver our first items to dealers on 06/10.
The iPhone X did not go on sale until 03 November.
The perfect interplay of market analysis and fast development – that’s what we’re known for!

JUNE 2017

Our accessories
created & delivered


iPhone X


Our products


iPhone X
went on sale



1. Continual improvement

After the first shipments go out, we constantly measure the success of the products. We conduct further tests to ensure quality, and we continually optimise the items. We incorporate feedback from you and from our dealers in this optimisation process.

2. Shipping

Once we have ensured that the products meet Hama’s strict quality requirements, we ship the products to our customers worldwide.

3. Incoming inspection

The first delivery has arrived – and must be thoroughly tested, of course. The Quality Assurance department inspects the items in collaboration with the Product Management team. The final product is compared to the initial sample.

4. Initial orders

The Import department is responsible for placing the initial orders for the perfected product.

5. Perfecting the products

The sample is then perfected by our production partners. All improvements are implemented and errors are fixed to provide you with the best possible solution.

6. Test phase

The first prototype is tested from top to bottom. We pay particular attention to the technical aspects and the individual functions of the product. All products are also tested according to applicable main EU directives.

7. Product development

The first stage of product development is developing initial samples in collaboration with our engineers, suppliers, the Quality Assurance department and the Product Management department. To do this we must first define the functions, develop the software and come up with a design. Once everything is finished, we can develop a sample in collaboration with our production partners.

8. Experience & market analysis

Market analysis involves recognising potential and developing an idea. To accomplish this, our specialists monitor device manufacturers, the latest trends and detailed product information. Our experienced Product Management team then tests the devices from top to bottom. They identify weaknesses, problems and areas for improvement and then develop solutions to these problems.