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The Avinity brand

The Avinity premium cable brand was born out of pure passion: a passion for razor-sharp video and pure, unadulterated sound. Our innovative high-end cables contain signs of the enthusiasm of true connoisseurs – the makers of Avinity products are fans of loud blockbusters and quiet independent films, bombastic riffs and tender violins. We believe that this motivation is the best ingredient of Avinity.

Selecting the right cable is the start of a wonderful home cinema experience: The right cable is what tips the scales, or rather it is the decisive ‘something’ needed for perfection. Therefore, not all cables are created equal, which is why there is Avinity.

With Avinity every film and music fan gets exactly what they need – finely dosed or the full bass.


Film or music, classics or action: There are innumerable genres, artists and formats. Because we find a large selection a good thing, our products come in different quality classes – with exactly the right class for your devices and your needs. The entry-level classes are intended for demanding newcomers to the world of entertainment. Our premium and high-end quality standards fulfil the highest requirements in entertainment. And with our Reference Class we set the bar even higher and give you the ultimate entertainment experience to go with your first-class devices.

Did you know …

… that digital data (0/1) ultimately comprises electrical signals, and is therefore subject to the interference of other live lines or devices nearby. Many signals are transferred simultaneously. This makes your cable requirements complex, multifaceted and challenging. Optimum shielding, high-quality conductor material and low contact resistance, as in the case of Avinity contacts and plugs, are therefore important.


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