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Press Archives : PC & Laptop


USB-C charger for your trouser pocket (201651-53)

“I just have to charge my mobile phone really quickly" – there are few things you hear more often.

Mouse and keyboard for the ergonomic office (00182630)

Modern conditions such as inflammation of the tendon sheath or carpal tunnel syndrome are unfortunately a potential problem for many people.

Multi-tasking-enabled (00004663)

Being well organised makes working so much easier. And gaming so much easier. And conversations so much easier. No matter what you need your desk for on a day-to-day basis, the monitor mount with four arms, which Hama is unveiling at the IFA, finally puts an end to device chaos. That's because this innovation brings together the demands of streaming, gaming and everyday office situations in just one mount.

"Classy" fashionable laptop bag (00216591)

Same routine every morning: the outfit fits and the handbag is packed for the office, except the laptop bag is bulky or doesn't really fit. The fashionable "Classy" laptop bags from Hama not only complete the stylish look, but also relax the bag theme a little.

The loudspeaker for office, living room and lake (00188210 )

Handy Bluetooth speakers offer the advantage that you can take them anywhere.

"Wireless Charging" mouse pad (00054772)

A mouse pad with integrated Qi charging function for smartphones solves two problems at a stroke. With its "Wireless Charging" mouse pad, Hama is offering a model that charges a smartphone while it's in use.

Docking station with 12 ports and extras (00200139)

The fact that notebooks and tablets always have too few connections is an undisputed and also annoying fact, but one which can be easily solved with a well-equipped docking station.

Power strips also for notebooks and Macbooks (00223188/89)

Experience has shown that power sockets really are in short supply in most households and offices. Two new power strips from Hama come in handy for topping up their numbers, and they are much more than just a mundane extension.

Foldable background for a digital change of scenery (021570)

The Hama ‘2in1’ foldable background has one green and one blue side, making it easier to cut out persons and objects, and add a virtual background of your choice.


"C-600 Pro" PC webcam (139992)

It has become an essential tool in every PC workspace: the webcam. Whether used for video conferences of the management team or for Zoom meetings for home schooling, webcams have proved themselves in the past year as essential aids.


For demanding gamers - uRage "SoundZ 800" 7.1 gaming headset (186024)

The dynamic uRage "SoundZ 800" 7.1 overhead headset therefore impresses with 7.1 virtual surround sound: Deep basses and clear trebles make game sounds sound even more realistic, and help gamers locate them in a flash.


The notebook power supply unit that can do more (200016 + 210592)

Today you’re working from your home office; tomorrow in the company office; and the day after tomorrow, hopefully, you’ll be going on a business trip again.


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