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Hama digital radio and tuner with RX/TX technology

Radio and tuner can receive and transmit

Af first glance, RX/TX is only an abbreviation in the technical specifications of Hama’s DIR 3510 SCBTX digital radio and DIT 2105 SBTX hi-fi tuner. In practice, you quickly come to appreciate this Bluetooth technology. For it means that audio signals can be sent as well as received. On the one hand, music is streamed from a smartphone, tablet or computer to the digital radio, or the tuner, via a Bluetooth receiver (RX); on the other hand, it can be sent from here on to other Bluetooth devices via a Bluetooth transmitter (TX). So you are not bound to a particular room, but can, for example, listen to the same music in two different rooms via headphones or speaker box.

Digital radio and tuner

The DIR 3510 SCBTX digital radio and DIT 2105 SBTX hi-fi tuner are the first two audio devices from Hama to be equipped with this Bluetooth technology. In both cases, Amazon Music and Spotify Connect were directly integrated in the software. The devices offer FM and DAB/DAB+ reception, can be connected to the Internet via LAN and WLAN, and have an input for USB sticks. The radio is equipped with two stereo speakers and, what’s more, will also play CDs from the good old CD collection. With a width of 43 cm, the tuner can be easily integrated into the existing hi-fi system and upgrades it digitally.

Item No. 00054239 Digital Radio DIR3510SCBTX
Item No. 00054234 Hi-Fi Tuner DIT2105SBTX

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