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Infographic about the different services Hama offers its retail partners

Retail Business

Why Hama is the right trading partner for you in all respects

Our concentrated service network offers our trade customers a decisive advantage: while we take care of time-consuming organisational and handling processes, our dealers' own employees can be increasingly deployed for their actual tasks, for example for advisory and sales talks. We said all-round carefree package? We mean it!

10 reasons to choose Hama as your retail partner

1. We offer perfect matches

A range where every customer can find the right accessories.

How do we do it? We have specialised in a broad, but specifically compiled range in all product areas. Our motto is simple: we strategically plan our range in such a way that the demands of different target groups can be served while at the same time achieving a maximum return on space. In doing so, we always align our products with current market trends and customer needs.

2. We think strategically

Because the space on the wall should pay off.

To ensure that the products on the shop wall generate sales, we carry out detailed analyses. For example, sales potential based on current market developments and the purchasing power of important target groups.

We incorporate valuable empirical values into all strategic decisions, such as the sales potential of the secondary device market for smartphones: after buying a new device, the old one is often passed on or sold. The second owner then usually buys a new cover.

3. We offer products from A to Z

Through additions to the range from strong partner brands.

Through cooperation with competent partner brands such as Roccat and Turtle Beach, we bring additional variety to the hanging goods and thus also meet the special needs of sub-target groups. Major brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Jabra and SanDisk also put the distribution of their accessories in our hands.

This demonstrates enormous confidence in our sales strengths and expands the product range for our trade partners, which in turn generates higher sales potential because more end customers find a suitable product in our range.

4. We know what the market needs tomorrow

Always keeping an eye on the market and trends.

With the knowledge gained from international trade fairs with regard to innovative materials, technology or design trends, as well as market and target group changes, we can always offer exactly the accessories that customers will like tomorrow. However, since space in the store is limited, we carefully consider which new trends have sufficient sales and future potential.

Hama develops numerous new products every year - so the range is always in line with current demand.

5. We have quality under control

Always a high product and service quality.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction even after the purchase, we test every item in advance in our internal testing laboratories in Monheim and Shenzhen (China) using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our high quality standards.

Even before shipment, all products are inspected in Shenzhen for legal standards and regulations. Our internal QA then triple-checks the products for various criteria, such as manufacturing quality.

Did you know? 96% of all buyers would recommend Hama to their friends.

6. We deliver on time

Through one of the most modern shipping logistics systems in the industry.

This gives us enormous flexibility, so that none of our trading partners has to wait long for deliveries. Spanning an area of more than eleven football pitches, up to 10,000 parcels leave our logistics centre in Monheim (Bavaria) every day. On average, half a million products find their way to our customers worldwide every day. We have the network and resources to ensure always-on-time delivery!

Did you know? Our modern high-bay warehouse comprises around 60,000 pallet and 130,000 container storage locations, which are operated by fully automated robots.

7. We have a competent network

Efficient product portfolio and all-inclusive service package.

With a variety of expertise, such as the multi-brand strategy, our own logistics centre as well as permanent hanging goods optimisation, we ensure that the right products arrive on the wall on time. This clearly sets us apart from our competitors.

Due to the reduced effort in goods receiving, stocking and invoice verification, our customers' employees can concentrate more on their actual core skill, selling. This is how all-round carefree works with us.

Did you know? At Hama, around 300 employees take care of the distribution of our products alone.

8. We plan customised hanging product areas

For a perfect symbiosis with our dealers.

Our sales experts create a hanging goods plan that is individually adapted to the requirements and the conditions on site. We exploit the available space with well thought-out concepts and place products with the highest sales potential.

We offer the right customer guidance for every hanging item, for example in the form of individual navigation signs, brochures as well as presenters for secondary placement. As a result, we adapt our assortment and sales tools individually to the conditions in the trade.

9. We bring the goods to the wall

Smooth placement by our field service.

Our service staff ultimately fit the wall with the delivered products according to the hanging plan. Our field service also automatically takes care of re-stocking, such as the integration of new products.

In addition to stocking, our service staff also take care of setting up ordered sales promotion materials such as magnetic boards, display stands and posters. This service can save staff time for our B2B customers.

We regularly optimise hanging goods with the aim of achieving the maximum return.

10. We stay tuned

Permanent space management and convenient goods clearing.

This allows us to react quickly and flexibly to trends and current market conditions. Our replenishment system is also particularly effective, enabling us to ensure the availability of goods completely automatically with computer-based support. This means that no turnover is lost at any time due to empty spaces. Goods clearing and the processing of returns are also handled by our field colleagues and service advisers. This is how constant optimisation and profit maximisation work - without any additional effort for our trade customers!

We're looking forward to your enquiry!

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